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The cost of theatre is always rising. Producing a full scale musical at the community/amateur level with the quality for which we strive costs tens of thousands of dollars per production. At the same time these costs, and the cost of administrative operations and upkeep of our property rise, the amounts that are available to support us continue to shrink.

Municipal, State and Federal governments are reducing support to the arts consistently. Beyond those reductions, more and more organizations like ours are forced to become reliant on these funds so where the gross amounts are still hundreds of thousands of dollars, the net proceeds to any one organization are dwindling.

In an effort to avoid constantly asking for money we have two primary methods of fundraising:

The 50/50 Raffle

During the run of our mainstage shows and Mel-O-Chords concerts, you will see our members and friends selling 50/50 raffle tickets before the performances and during the intermissions. The winning number will be drawn at the close of intermission and announced from stage. In addition, the number will be displayed in the lobby. To collect the prize, winners must present the winning ticket to our official after the show in the lobby the evening of the peformance.

We are of course, always hopeful that the generous patron who wins will donate their half back to the club for our continued support.

The net proceeds will be used for operational needs and scholarships for students who are studying for a career in theatre.

The Campaign for M.O.C.

This is our annual drive for the "Big Funds". We send a mailing out to all our past friends, audiences and a great many of the community at large asking for donations. Since all donations and gifts to the club are fully deductible to the extent of the tax code, this is our attempt to not have to have pledge week type events. Our patrons, members and corporate matching gifts have sustained us for many years.

Please speak to our President or Treasurer or other officer if you would like to find ways to make your contribution to MOC go further.